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Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborns rejuvenates the old UO into something better
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Old-school gamers have a lot of memories when they hear the Ultima name. After a series of successful computer RPG's, the creator of the series Richard Garriot decided it was time to take it to the next step: the Internet. The original Ultima Online was released in 1997, and offered its players to live and fight in Britannia (Ultima's world). The game was pretty much the grandfather of all the MMORPGs that exist today. Even 10 years on, Ultima still has a very big gamer following, due to players being so involved in the game they cannot switch to another MMORPG. Entire lives and even life-incomes have been created due to the game's popularity.

With Kingdom Reborn, EA gave the users a new graphical face-lift as well as new features. Basically you are another dweller in the magical medieval world of Britannia, where you have to build your life there. You can be a merchant, a warrior, a potion maker, you name it. The game was popular because of the ability of adding user-made content to the game. With Kingdom Reborn, the mechanism to do this became simpler. It is still the same Ultima environment, however everything looks more modern. The client download is free; however, there is still a monthly subscription charge which varies depending on your package. Ultima Online gamers, if you don't have Kingdom Reborn, just get it now.

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  • New graphical face-lift to Ultima Online


  • Still outdated compared to his rivals
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